Nitrofurantoin (Macrobid 3 Day Antibiotic Course)

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Nitrofurantoin is the first choice of treatment prescribed by doctors to treat urinary tract infections such as cystitis. The standard treatment consists of 100mg Nitrofurantoin slow release tablets taken twice a day for 3 days. Nitrofurantoin quickly and effectively helps kill the bacteria that cause pain and other symptoms associated with cystitis. Buy nitrofurantoin MacroBid tablets online from e-Surgery now.

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What is Nitrofurantoin?

Nitrofurantoin is the active ingredient in the antibiotic drug, MacroBid. MacroBid are a modified release version of Nitrofurantoin, which only needs to be taken twice a day. 

Nitrofurantoin Macrobid tablets are used to treat infections of the bladder, kidney and other parts of the urinary tract (UTI). Nitrofurantoin works by targeting the bacteria that is the cause of the infection and therefore stopping the unpleasant symptoms of the infection.  

What is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

A urinary tract infection is also known as cystitis which is an inflammation of the bladder. It happens when bacteria enters the bladder through the urethra.  

It is common in sexually active women. 

To avoid a UTI it is recommended women urinate after each episode of vaginal sex.  

What are the symptoms of a UTI?

  • Burning sensation when urinating 
  • Frequent urination 
  • Urgent need to urinate without being able to go 
  • Pressure in lower back 
  • Pelvic pain 
  • Bloody urine 
  • Discolored urine that smells unusual  
  • Fever 
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 

How do you take MacroBID?

Always take MacroBID exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you, and if you are unsure, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist. 

MacroBID is most commonly taken TWICE daily for 3 days to treat simple urinary tract infections (UTIs).  

MacroBID capsules should be swallowed whole and taken with food or milk.  

You should complete your whole treatment course, even if you feel better. Do not stop earlier. 

Side effects of MacroBID?

As with any form of medication, MacroBID capsules have side effects. For a full list of side effects, please read the Patient Information Leaflet of MacroBID.  Below are a few of the common side effects of taking MacroBID capsules: 

  • Urine color change 
  • Loose stools 
  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Skin rash 
  • Short term hair loss 

For a full list of side effects, please read the Patient Information Leaflet of MacroBID. 

Interactions with alcohol and food?

If alcohol is consumed alongside Nitrofurantoin MacroBID tablets it can exacerbate unpleasant side effects. It could also reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. It is always best to check with your GP before mixing any substances.  

Any interactions with other drugs?

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medication. Below is a list of medications that you should be aware of, as they may interfere with Nitrofurantoin MacroBID tablets: 

  • Antacids for indigestion (e.g. magnesium trisilicate)
    • Medicines for gout (e.g. probenecid or sulfinpyrazone)
    • Medicines for raised pressure in the eye (glaucoma), such as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (e.g. acetazolamide)
    • Medicines which make the urine less acidic (e.g. potassium citrate mixture)
    • Medicines for infections, known as quinolones
    • Typhoid vaccine, which is given for the prevention of typhoid. 

If you are in doubt about any of these medicines, ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Is there any reason why I would not be able to take MacroBID?

You cannot take Nitrofurantoin MacroBID tablets if you: 

  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients 
  • Have severe kidney disease 
  • Are in the final stages of pregnancy 
  • Have porphyria 
  • Have G6PD deficiency 
  • Are under 3 months of age 
  • Are breast feeding a baby with G6PD deficiency 

If you are unsure of any of the above criteria, please contact your doctor before commencing treatment with MacroBID. 

Why should I take MacroBID?

Urinary tract infections can be extremely uncomfortable, Nitrofurantoin MacroBID tablets treat these infections at the source eliminating the discomfort so that you can get on with your life.  

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