Here at e-Surgery, your health is our top priority.

Your health relies on the health of the planet, so therefore we want to look after our earth too! Unlike some other online pharmacies, we avoid flashy and wasteful packaging in favour of simple, less wasteful packaging. This also keeps our costs down, and by not repackaging our medications (apart from in some cases) we reduce the amount of cardboard needed.

Check out our environmental policy to read more about what we are doing to help reduce our carbon footprint.

If you want to help us decrease our environmental impact, here’s what you can do to recycle your packaging once you have received your order.

  1. Remove the white delivery label from the box. These are recyclable, but we would recommend folding the ‘sticky’ side over or sticking it to a piece of paper before putting it into the recycling.

2. Our cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, this can go in the green bin. We have recently switched to brown cardboard which requires less processing than other packaging.

e-Surgery brown cardboard packaging. We've recently made a switch to brown packaging for environmental reasons.

3. We wrap our medication in tissue paper which is made from recycled paper. We do this to protect the medication from damage and moisture.

4. For left over or unwanted medicine, return it to a local pharmacy. This way it can be disposed of responsibly and sustainably.

e-Surgery packaging with blue tissue paper. Our blue tissue paper can be recycled.

5. Tablet blister packs are not currently recyclable, but the cardboard box that holds them is, as well as any extra paper material like medication guidelines and side effects information. Remember to remove any stickers from the box before putting it in the green bin. Once a blister pack is empty put it in the general waste bin. 

A blister pack with a cross next to it, and a medication box with a tick next to it. Blister packs can't be recycled, but the medication box can.

6. Old or broken inhalers should be returned to a local pharmacy where they are disposed of safely. Keep an eye out for pharmacy’s that are part of the Complete the Cycle scheme, which fully recycle inhalers.

We are constantly reviewing our environmental policy, let us know if you have any ideas on how we can improve.