e-Surgery recognises the importance of environmental protection by continually making positive changes to reduce our environmental impact. We will continue to operate alongside our suppliers, customers and neighbours to develop an Eco-friendly business operating strategy.

This Policy Applies To All Areas Of e-Surgery, We Will Achieve This Through Our Commitment To:

  • Comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation 
  • Use 100% recyclable packaging 
  • Build environmental awareness with clearly labelled packaging that informs customers how to dispose of it in a sustainable way
  • Reducing the use of paper and waste in all aspects of the company
  • Move to DPF free labelling for products
  • Recycle and manage office waste in a sustainable, reliable way
  • Work with like minded suppliers and continue to discuss and improve on environmental aims
  • Constantly improving our resource efficiency (energy efficient heating, water usage, electricity, office supplies)
  • Encourage the use of energy efficient transport for all employees to decrease carbon emissions

Improvement will be continuous and we will re examine policy internally and externally and reevaluate our progress, goals and objectives.