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Clenil Modulite Inhaler
Price From: £15.95
Atrovent Inhaler
Price From: £16.95
Kelhale Inhaler
Price From: £15.95
Qvar Aerosol Inhaler
Price From: £19.95
Qvar Autohaler
Price From: £19.95
Qvar Easi-Breathe Inhaler
Price From: £19.95
Seretide Accuhaler
Price From: £29.95
Seretide Evohaler
Price From: £39.95
Sereflo Inhaler
Price From: £29.95
Soprobec Inhaler
Price From: £9.95
Symbicort Turbohaler
Price From: £49.95
Beclu Inhaler
Price From: £12.95

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect from an Asthma Prevention Inhaler consultation?

The asthma prevention inhaler consultation is an online assessment that allows you to provide details about your asthma history and current health status. You’ll be asked to share information about your respiratory condition, medications you’re currently taking, allergies you have etc.

This data will then be reviewed by one of e-Surgery’s qualified prescribers to determine the most suitable asthma prevention inhaler for your needs.

Why do I need to complete an Asthma Prevention Inhaler consultation?

An asthma prevention inhaler consultation is a necessary step to obtain an appropriate prescription for managing your asthma. By answering the online questionnaire, the e-Surgery prescribers can evaluate your specific situation and recommend the asthma prevention inhaler that will be most effective in controlling your symptoms.

How long will my Asthma Prevention Inhaler consultation take?

The asthma prevention inhaler consultation on the e-Surgery website is designed to be a quick and straightforward process. You can typically finish the entire consultation in less than 2 minutes.

The simple questionnaire format makes it easy to provide the required medical information without a lengthy back-and-forth.

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