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Why do I need to keep track of my reliever inhaler usage?

Keeping track of how often you use your reliever inhaler is an essential part of Asthma management. You should ideally be seeing your Doctor, GP, or asthma nurse once every 12 months or as soon as you notice a severe or significant change in your symptoms. If this is a gradual change over time it can sometimes be tricky to work out your triggers, and therefore makes it harder to know when it’s time to call the doc.

How do I use an asthma inhaler tracker?

Download our printable inhaler tracker and stick it to your fridge/bathroom mirror; somewhere you will spot it every day! Mark off how many times you used your reliever inhaler and how many puffs. You could even laminate the inhaler tracker and use a dry wipe pen to save you printing out a new one each month! Use this each month to track your usage and know when to order a spare/replacement inhaler online. Click here to view our asthma treatments.

What is the difference between a reliever inhaler and a preventer inhaler?

Preventer inhalers are used daily to prevent asthma symptoms. You can also use a reliever inhaler that contains medicines that are used to relieve symptoms. Your GP may prescribe you both. Although asthma inhalers are only recyclable through your pharmacy, you can help the environment by taking care of your inhaler and making it last as long as possible. One way to do this is to clean your inhaler when necessary, find out how to clean a reliever inhaler and how to clean a preventer inhaler.

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What happens at an asthma review?

Ideally, you should be seeing your Doctor or GP for an asthma review every year. You may be reminded by your GP surgery or you can call up and book for yourself. If your asthma is difficult, severe, or has changed significantly you can always book in sooner. At e-Surgery, we would always suggest seeing your doctor if there is any change to your usual asthma symptoms so that we can be sure you are getting the correct medication from us.

asthma inhaler tracker | e-Surgery