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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Contraceptive?

Contraception is either a device or method which helps to stop you from getting pregnant. These come in a variety of forms, including oral pills, mechanical barriers, such as condoms, injections, implants and patches.


What Contraceptive Options Are There?

There are multiple methods and devices that can be used to prevent pregnancy. Common methods can include the combined pill, progestogen-only pill, contraceptive implant, female condoms and the IUD.

What Is The Mini-Pill?

The mini pill is a progesterone only pill. It is known as the mini pill as it only contains one hormone, whereas other contraceptive pills, known as the combined pill, contain both progesterone and oestrogen. The mini pill has the same function as combined pills. By taking the mini pill, you are preventing pregnancy as it thickens mucus in and around the womb. Thick mucus decreases the chance for sperm to reach the egg, and also for the egg to implant and develop.

What Is The Best Contraceptive Pill?

Which contraceptive pill is best for you depends on numerous factors. These can include: Age, smoking habits, medical/family history and other medications you take. You should consult with your doctor to decide which pill is best for you.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, What Happens If I Stop Taking It?

Your periods may be irregular when you first come off the pill, and it may take up to 3 months for your natural menstrual cycle to normalise. You will no longer be protected from getting pregnant.


What Types Of Contraceptive Pills Are There?

There are two forms of contraceptive pills. The first is a progesterone-only pill, also known as the mini pill. And the second is known as a combined pill, which contains both progesterone and oestrogen.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Are There Any Risks Associated With It?

With the combined pill, there is an increased risk of blood clots as oestrogen increases blood clotting. This risk is still very small. Breast cancer’s link to taking the pill is being investigated, and current data suggests that there is only a slight increase in risk. Research has also been linked to cervical cancer; however, the pill has been shown to decrease the risk of womb, ovarian and colon cancer.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Will It Stop Me Getting Pregnant?

Yes. By taking the contraceptive pill as instructed, you will be protected from getting pregnant. Please note that if you miss taking the pill, you may not be protected. Also, when starting the contraceptive course, note the time that it takes to become effective, which is on the product information leaflet. The contraceptive pill does not protect you from STIs.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Do I Need A Prescription?

At e-Surgery our UK based prescribers can provide you with a private prescription online for your contraception if you have been prescribed it by your GP previously and have used it before. You can use e-Surgery’s free ‘ask a pharmacist’ service to speak directly with a medical professional today.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, How Will It Be Delivered?

Your contraception will be sent from our UK based private pharmacy and sent via the Royal Mail to a delivery location of your choice in plain, discreet packaging.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Are There Any Side Effects?

It’s common for women to experience some of the following side effects when taking the contraceptive pill:  

  • Mild nausea: is a possible side effect for some women, especially when first taking the pill. This can be lessened by taking it with food.
  • Headaches: can happen at first but frequently go away after a few months.
  • Breast sensitivity: While taking the pill, some women may experience breast sensitivity or oedema.
  • Regular bleeding: Some women may suffer irregular bleeding or spotting in between periods during the first few months of using the contraceptive pill.
  • Weight changes: Although research has not consistently demonstrated a direct correlation between the pill and significant weight changes, some people may experience small weight gain or loss.
  • Missed periods: The suppression of ovulation is one of the possible negative effects of various birth control pill types, particularly combination pills (which include both oestrogen and progestin). This may result in milder periods or even periods that are skipped entirely.
  • Changes in mood: the hormones within the contraceptive pill can cause mood changes as it effects the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. This can also result in a decreased sex drive.

If you are experiencing any side effect and are concerned, you should contact your GP or pharmacist so they can make amendments to your prescription if needed.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Can It Cause Migraines?

One possible side effect to contraceptive pills are headaches or migraines. This can often happen during the week that they are not taking the pill, as the drop in oestrogen can trigger migraines. If you are experiencing more severe migraines, speak to your GP or pharmacist so they can change the type of contraception you are on, if necessary.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Can It Cause Weight Gain?

There is currently no evidence to suggest that any contraception pill directly causes weight gain. The likelihood of the pill being the cause of weight gain is minimal, but the side effects such as fatigue could be a driving factor in any weight gain after taking the pill. If you are concerned, you should speak to your GP or pharmacist.  

You can read e-Surgery’s blog article about if contraceptive pills cause weight gain here:

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Can It Cause Blood Clots?

The risks associated with contraceptive pills are minimal, but women over 35, smoke or have specific medical conditions are not usually prescribed the combined pill due them being at higher risk of developing blood clots, heart disease or cancers such as breast cancer. It’s important to remember that these side effects are extremely rare and the chances of you developing any of them are very small.  

If you are unsure or worried about taking a contraceptive pill, then speak to a medical professional so they can guide you to the best solution for your situation.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Which Is The Best For Heavy Periods?

The mini pill is usually the preferred contraception option for women who are prone to experiencing heavy periods. The mini pill can cause menstruation to become irregular, and, in some cases, women often do not experience bleeding whatsoever. 

If you are looking at taking contraception to help manage your periods, then speak to your GP or pharmacist about the available options. You can use e-Surgery’s online ‘ask a pharmacist’ service free of charge, and you’ll be put in direct communication with a medical professional in minutes.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Can I Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol has not been shown to impact the effectiveness of the pill, so people can consume alcohol while taking the pill. It is important to be responsible, as alcohol can impact the decisions you make. The only concern is if the alcohol made you vomit within a couple of hours from taking the pill, as this could impact the effectiveness of the pill.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, How Reliable Is It?

The effectiveness with differ slightly from person to person, but generally, the pill is considered to be 99% effective at stopping pregnancy. This means that roughly 1 in 100 women who are taking the pill will fall pregnant.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, What Are The Advantages?

Advantages to the pill are that they usually mean that periods can be lighter and generally a less painful experience. As well as this, sex can become more freeing as the risk of pregnancy is reduced significantly. The pill has also been shown to reduce your chances of developing certain types of cancer.

If I Order Contraceptive Pill Online, Which Is Best For PCOS?

The best contraceptive pill for PCOS is the mini pill or progestogen-only as it can sometimes help in managing the symptoms of PCOS. If you suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome, you should speak to your GP or pharmacist to discuss your symptoms and how best to treat them.

What Company Makes Contraceptive Pills?

Contraceptive pills are manufactured by many pharmaceutical companies, which are all heavily licenced. If you order contraceptive pill online through e-Surgery, the products are the exact same as the contraceptives sold at your high-street pharmacy.

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