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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a common condition that affects the airways. The typical symptoms are wheeze, cough, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Asthma can be aggravated at certain times of the year and typically gets worse with physical exertion and stress. Inhaler treatment usually works well to ease and prevent symptoms.

How Do I Treat Asthma?

Asthma is usually controlled by a combination of steroid (brown inhaler) and short acting bronchodilator (blue reliever inhaler) which comes in a strength of 100mcg. These asthma inhalers are dosed to tailor suit your individual needs and your symptoms should be reassessed regularly to ensure they are stable. The blue asthma reliever inhaler should only be used, when necessary, as overuse of this inhaler can make your asthma worse.

Are There Any Side Effects To Blue Asthma Inhaler Treatment?

Like with all prescription medication, there are side effects of asthma inhalers you need to be aware of. The 100mcg blue reliever inhaler can cause tremors and headaches if used too frequently. Using the blue asthma inhaler too frequently can also make your asthma worse in the long run. Our e-Surgery prescribers will make sure that the blue inhaler is safe for you to take for your asthma.

Can I Buy An Asthma Inhaler Online?

Yes, you can buy blue asthma inhaler online as well as a brown preventer inhaler online from registered online prescribers like e-Surgery. When buying the blue asthma inhaler or any other medication online, always look for the green GPhC and MHRA logo on the bottom of each page you visit. This lets you know that the website is operating legally.

How Should I Store My Asthma Inhaler?

If you buy blue asthma inhaler online, you can find specific storage instructions for your Asthma inhaler in the Patient Information Leaflet on how to store your inhaler. Try to keep your inhaler in a cool and dry place and never use it after the expiry date stamped on the canister of the asthma inhaler.

Do I Need A Prescription To Get An Asthma Inhaler?

At e-Surgery our UK based prescribers can provide you with a private prescription online for your Asthma inhaler if you have been diagnosed with Asthma and have used an inhaler before. You can use our free ‘ask a pharmacist’ service to speak directly with one of our medical professionals.

How Will My Asthma Inhaler Be Delivered?

Your Asthma inhaler will be sent from our UK based private pharmacy and sent via the Royal Mail to a delivery location of your choice in plain, discreet packaging.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, How Does It Work?

When you buy asthma inhaler online you begin by selecting the inhaler that you require on the e-Surgery website, this will be the type of inhaler you have previously been prescribed by your GP or have been recommended by a pharmacist. Before buying any medications online make sure to look for the green GPhC logo to ensure the pharmacy is genuine and safe to buy from.  

Once you have consulted with one of our pharmacists, payment will be taken before your order is then packed and sent out for delivery with Royal Mail. Delivery will depend on the delivery option you decide to choose, and the order will come in a discreet brown fully recyclable packaging.  

We strongly advise you seek medical advice before deciding to buy asthma inhaler online.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, How Do You Clean It?

If you decide to buy asthma inhaler online, you need to make sure you are cleaning it regularly and properly.   

Step 1:  Remove both the canister and mouthpiece from the body of the inhaler.

Step 2: Begin to clean the plastic casing by running it under warm water.

Step 3: Dry carefully or leave overnight until fully dry, but make sure you have a spare inhaler if so.

Step 4: Place the metal canister back into the plastic casing.

Step 5: Test the inhaler to see if it’s working correctly.

Step 6: Place the mouthpiece back onto the inhaler.

Remember, if you buy asthma inhaler online, cleaning it ensures if continues to work correctly, keeping you safe when you need it.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Can It Make You Cough?

Some people may experience a cough or sore throat as a side effect from using an inhaler. This is often caused by the remnants of the active drug within the inhaler being built up in the throat or the cough receptors.  If you get a cough, it should go away shortly after using it. If a cough persists, then it’s important that you contact your GP or Pharmacist as soon as possible so that they can find out what may be the cause and offer a solution.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Where Is It Made?

Ventolin and Salbutamol are both manufactured in the UK.  

All Inhalers that are sold e-Surgery are the sourced from the same suppliers as the UK high-street pharmacies.

If You Want To Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Should You Get An Easyhaler Or A Normal One?

An Easyhaler is a form of dry powder inhaler whereas what is often referred to as a ‘normal’ inhaler is a metered-dose inhaler (MDI). Both are simple to use, but which type you should buy is dependent on many factors such as your diagnosis, symptoms and accessibility of the product.  

It’s important to make informed choices when deciding which asthma inhaler you should buy, this should always be done after consulting a medical professional.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Where Can You Find The Treatment Guidelines?

You can find information about the treatment by reading the FAQs on the bottom of our product page on the e-Surgery website. Alternatively, the treatment will come with an information leaflet that will have guidance on the guidelines.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Can You Get Withdrawal Symptoms?

While you can’t get addicted to the active drugs within inhalers, some people can feel psychological withdrawal symptoms if you have used their inhaler excessively. It’s important that you follow the instructions of use, this should be specified on the patient information leaflet as well as advised by your GP or Pharmacist. If you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, then it’s vital you contact a medical professional right away.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Will It Cure Your Asthma?

There is currently no known cure for Asthma, so using an Inhaler will not cure it. An inhaler is the best option we have for managing the symptoms of Asthma, as it helps to relax the muscles in the airways to help airflow.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, What Is The Medicine Inside It?

The medicines in each Inhaler differ depending on which one you buy. The main types of inhalers are:

  • Reliver Inhaler – The active ingredient is Salbutamol which helps relieve Asthma and COPD symptoms by relaxing the muscles in the throat and airways. These Inhalers are usually blue.
  • Preventer Inhaler – Contains a small amount of a steroid that helps to reduce the chances of an Asthma attack happening. The steroid is called Beclomethasone and works by calming your immune system, which therefore reduces swelling and inflammation in the lungs.
  • Combination Inhaler – Is a combination of both corticosteroid and bronchodilator. They are used for long term treatment of Asthma, reducing the inflammation in the lungs as well as giving ongoing relief of the common symptoms of Asthma like a tight chest.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, What Is The Correct Technique To Use It Effectively?

The technique you use for each Inhaler will differ depending on the type you have. The instructions on the correct technique to use should be on the patient information leaflet. If you are unsure on what the correct method is, you should contact your GP or pharmacist so that they can inform you of what technique is needed for your specific Inhaler

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, How Do You Dispose Of It?

If your Inhaler runs out, it is important that you return it to your local pharmacy or a GP surgery that accepts them. Inhalers are harmful when disposed of in landfill due to the waste chemicals and the gases that are released into the surrounding environment.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Where Can You Find Out More Information?

If you buy an asthma inhaler online, you can find out more information on the specific product you have either from the patient information leaflet provided or online. You can also find out more about Asthma by visiting the NHS website.

If You Buy Asthma Inhaler Online, Can It Affect Your Period?

It is rare, but Inhalers that contain steroids can cause changes in periods such as delaying them. This is because steroids can affect the production of hormones including oestrogen and progesterone. Oestrogen and progesterone are responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle, so if their levels are affected, this can lead to irregular periods. Other types of inhalers should not affect your period, if you feel they have then you should speak to your GP or Pharmacist straight away.

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