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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition in men which affects the ability to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual activity. It most commonly affects men over the age of 45 but can happen to men of all ages. There can be various causes of erectile dysfunction. The most common is psychological and is often due to excess stress. Don’t worry though, as you can order erectile dysfunction treatment online.

How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s perfectly normal to have occasional problems with getting or maintaining an erection. It is usually caused by things such as stress or alcohol. However, if you find that you have a persistent problem in getting and maintaining an erection during sex you should speak to your doctor. You can order erectile dysfunction treatment online with e-Surgery, which can help overcome symptoms of ED. You can use e-Surgery’s free to use ‘ask a pharmacist’ service to speak to a medical professional today.

How Do Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Work?

All erectile dysfunction tablets licensed in the UK work in a similar way. They widen the blood vessels in the penis and increase blood flow when you are sexually excited. This increased blood flow makes it much easier to get and keep an erection. Erectile dysfunction medication is available as a tablet and is taken 15-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, depending on the specific drug. You can order erectile dysfunction treatment online from e-Surgery.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Lifestyle measures such as losing weight, reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking will help erectile dysfunction. If the cause is due to excess stress, there are many measures you can try to reduce. If these do not help, you can order erectile dysfunction treatment online.

What Tablets Are Available To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

We offer a wide range of different medications in tablet form ranging from the new over-the-counter ED treatment to prescription strength tablets.

What Are The Side Effects Of Erectile Dysfunction Tablets?

Erectile dysfunction tablets are usually quite well tolerated. Side effects commonly include red eyes, headaches and facial flushing. You should not take erectile dysfunction tablets or pills if you have any heart problems as they can cause a sudden fall in blood pressure.

Can I Buy Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Online?

Yes, you can buy ED tablets online from registered online prescribers like e-Surgery. When purchasing erectile dysfunction tablets or any other medication online, always make sure the site you use displays the green GPhC and MHRA logos. This means this is a registered pharmacy and regulated seller of medication.

Do I Need A Prescription To Order Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Online?

At e-Surgery our UK based prescribers can provide you with a private prescription online for your Erectile dysfunction tablets.

How Will My Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Be Delivered?

Your Erectile dysfunction tablets will be sent from our UK based private pharmacy and sent via the Royal Mail to a delivery location of your choice in plain, discreet packaging.

Will Erectile Dysfunction Cure Itself?

It is unlikely that erectile dysfunction will cure itself without any medical intervention or lifestyle changes made by the person experiencing the condition. There are many medications available, and you can order erectile dysfunction treatment online through e-Surgery.

Which Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Is The Best?

This all depends on the individual, as there are many factors that can affect the effectiveness of each medication. Your GP or Pharmacist should advise you on which product is best suited for you personally. You can read e-Surgery’s blog that discusses why there’s not only one solution or treatment that works in treating ED.

If I Order Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Online How Much Will It Cost?

Erectile dysfunction treatments vary in price depending on which pharmacy you purchase them from. e-Surgery’s erectile dysfunction medication starts at just £6.75 and range in price depending on brand and the amount per pack.

If I Order Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Online How Long Does It Take to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

The amount of time it takes to cure erectile dysfunction is dependent on multiple factors, including the underlying cause, individual’s health and lifestyle as well as the type of medication they are prescribed. It’s important to remember that treatment for erectile dysfunction is designed to help manage the symptoms of ED and may not be a long-term cure.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The causes of erectile dysfunction are varying. Physical factors such as issues with blood flow to the heart, diabetes and many other illnesses and diseases can lead to developing ED. More commonly psychological factors are the leading cause of ED, with depression, stress, anxiety and issues in relationships being things that most of us experience at some point. Lifestyle choices can worsen the condition, things such as smoking or vaping, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or not exercising regularly can all contribute. Our video also explores the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Sperm Count?

No, experiencing erectile dysfunction does not affect your sperm count. If you are experiencing ED, then it will likely decrease your chances of conceiving successfully.

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Sign Of Prostate Cancer?

Erectile dysfunction is not commonly known as a sign of prostate cancer, but some rarer and developed types of prostate cancer is known to cause erectile dysfunction.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Genetic?

While erectile dysfunction can be related to genetics, it is not usually determined by genetics alone. Genetic traits that include increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes can also increase the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. While genetics can play a part in developing ED, the factors that we can control are usually the main causes, such as diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of exercise.

Are Erectile Dysfunction Pills Safe?

All erectile dysfunction medication that has been prescribed by a medical professional, such as your GP or Pharmacist, should generally be safe and effective. Like with any treatment though, some people may experience side effects, which can be common. If you are taking other medications which could affect ED medication or have a medical condition such as low blood pressure or heart disease, then it is vital that you inform the medical professional who is prescribing the treatment. This is so that they can make the best decision that puts your health first.

Does Having Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Diabetes can be known to cause erectile dysfunction. This is due to the nerve and blood vessel damage, hormonal imbalances and the phycological factors that come with suffering with diabetes. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and have diabetes, you must ensure that you make the medical professional aware of your pre-existing condition during a consultation.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Permanent?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is unlikely that it will be permanent. For those that have secondary ED, which is where the inability to retain an erection is new to them, it is more likely they can overcome the condition through changes in their lifestyle, mental wellbeing, or through medication.  For those who have primary ED, which is where there has always been an absence of a fully sustained erectile since childhood or puberty, the condition is harder to treat and requires more attention to overcome. There are medications that can help combat the symptoms of ED, and you can order erectile dysfunction treatment online through pharmacies like e-Surgery.

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