Oops! We Made a Mistake… scrabble letters spelling oops on a yellow background | e-Surgery

We have good news! Drum-roll please….

Our packaging is being updated to a sleeker design that is recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly! As a sustainable company we are constantly updating and evaluating our environmental impact to minimise waste and carbon emissions, which is why we were excited to share our new packaging with our customers and followers.

Unfortunate Spelling Error

In amongst all the excitement, we regrettably missed an unfortunate spelling error! We own up to our mistakes and have used it as a moment to learn that even the best team of people aren’t perfect! Despite our initial ‘face-palm’ moment we just couldn’t bear to throw it in the bin, so we have decided to use our lovely new packaging anyway, spelling mistake and all!

We were very reluctant to throw away our new packaging as it went against our sustainable and eco-friendly principles (you can find this in our environmental policy). Therefore we are going to use our shiny new packaging despite the misspelling, which you may notice on any orders made from the 19th of February 2020. As soon as we have used the misprinted packaging we will rectify our mistake.

We just wanted to apologise for this oversight and look forward to sharing our new packaging design with you. Find out more about e-Surgery packaging here.