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Lansoprazole Capsules

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Lansoprazole Capsules
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Lansoprazole capsules are one of the most effective medications for treating acid reflux. It is known as a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) which acts to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. Order Lansoprazole Capsules from e-Surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Lansoprazole capsules?

Lansoprazole capsules are a type of proton pump inhibitor; You can buy Lansoprazole capsules to help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux otherwise known as GORD. Lansoprazole works by lowering the amount of acid in your stomach. Lansoprazole capsules are used for a variety of conditions and are one of the most effective methods of treating acid reflux.

Lansoprazole capsules can also be used for:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  • Infections caused by Helicobacter pylori

Most people will have experienced acid reflux in their lifetime, and it can go away on its own with time. For some people, acid reflux poses a more constant problem and will require medication such as Lansoprazole capsules, as often the symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable. Although the cause of acid reflux isn’t always understood some common causes include:

  • certain food and drink – such as coffee, alcohol, chocolate and fatty or spicy foods
  • being overweight
  • smoking
  • pregnancy
  • stress and anxiety
  • some medicines, such as anti-inflammatory painkillers (like ibuprofen)
  • a hiatus hernia – when part of your stomach moves up into your chest

Lansoprazole capsules are a great way to relieve symptoms and manage chronic acid reflux. They are available in 15mg and 30mg, and your dosage will vary depending on the severity of your symptoms.  The commonly recommended dosage for moderate acid reflux is taking a 30mg capsule for 4 weeks until the acid reflux or gullet damage has subsided, though as previously mentioned this will depend on what you have been prescribed.

Lansoprazole is sometimes referred to by its brand name of Prevacid.

Lansoprazole requires a prescription. You can buy Lansoprazole capsules online from a trusted prescriber such as e-Surgery or at your local GP. If you choose to buy Lansoprazole capsules online with e-Surgery prices start at £7.95. We will require a short 2-minute health questionnaire to check you are reviving the correct medication. Always order Lansoprazole capsules online or any other medication from a reputable, trusted online pharmacy.

How do you take Lansoprazole capsules?

Whenever you buy Lansoprazole capsules online always take them exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has prescribed. Dosage can vary, therefore if you are unsure – check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking Lansoprazole capsules.

Capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water whole. If you are taking Lansoprazole capsules once a day, take it at the same time every morning before breakfast, and if once – 30 minutes before a meal.

If you are finding that you are taking too much or not enough of the medication, speak to your doctor or prescriber about changing the dosage or finding an alternative treatment. You can use our free Ask-A-Pharmacist service before you buy Lansoprazole capsules online if you have any questions.

Side effects of Lansoprazole capsules?

As with any form of medication, when you buy Lansoprazole capsules they will have side effects. For a full list of side effects, please read the Lansoprazole capsules online Patient Information Leaflet.

Below are a few of the common side effects of taking Lansoprazole capsules:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling unwell
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach pains
  • Feeling/being sick

Speak to your doctor or prescriber if you have any questions regarding the side effects of Lansoprazole capsules.

Inform your doctor if you are urinating less than usual or notice any abnormalities within your urine as Lansoprazole can cause kidney problems.

If you notice any of the following  side effects of Lansoprazole capsules contact a doctor immediately (these are very unlikely):

  • Sudden wheezing, swelling of your lips, tongue and throat or body, rash, fainting or difficulties in swallowing (severe allergic reaction).
  • Reddening of the skin with blisters or peeling. There may also be severe blisters and bleeding in the lips, eyes, mouth, nose and genitals – this could be ‘Stevens-Johnson Syndrome’ or ‘toxic epidermal necrolysis’.
  • Yellow skin, dark urine and tiredness which can be symptoms of liver problems.
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Lansoprazole Capsules

From £8.05
44 reviews for this product

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