Men's Health Month


November has become known as Men’s health month thanks to the Australian charity ‘Movember’, which aims to raise money for various physical and mental health issues that men from all over the world are not confronting.

The charity was originally formed by a group of friends while hanging out in their local pub in Melbourne, Australia back in 2003. The Mo-vement since then has ‘grown’ year upon year and is now one of the leading men’s charities globally, with many men across Europe starting their own fundraisers to help support the cause. Here at e-Surgery, we fully support the men in their health and believe organisations like this are using their voices for the men who struggle to find theirs.   

In this article, we’re going to cover the main health areas that Movember raises money for and discuss the areas of health that e-Surgery can offer treatment and support for. A survey carried out by the National Pharmacy Association found that 9 in 10 men do not like to trouble their GP or Pharmacist so avoid booking appointments. This just shows how men today don’t want to confront their health and would rather block out or deny the potential for more serious health concerns. We’re here to end that stigma and encourage more men to take back control of their well-being once again!   


Prostate Cancer  

Between 2016 and 2018, Prostate cancer accounted for 27% of all new cancer cases in males in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all diagnoses’ which isn’t something that can be ignored. Most men put off going to their GP and getting checked for prostate cancer for two main reasons, the first being the fear of being diagnosed with a form of cancer, which is obviously a scary experience for anyone to go through. The likelihood of you being diagnosed is fairly small, and by getting checked you’re increasing the chances of finding something early before it can become extremely serious.

Getting checked could save your life, so it’s important to confront conditions like cancer head-on. Men’s health month is all about raising awareness for illnesses such as prostate cancer.

The second reason men put off getting checked, or outright refuse, is due to the way the check is carried out, which obviously involves having a doctor examine your prostate. For most men, this is a major hurdle that a lot of guys struggle to overcome. The check lasts minutes if not seconds and is only being done to help you stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Prostate cancer doesn’t have to be fatal, and by getting checked you’re massively increasing the chances of catching any cancer signs early. One finger could save your life!   

Prostate exams are accessible through the NHS with a GP at your local surgery, and they can also be done privately if you are concerned and cannot get a doctor’s appointment anytime soon.   



Testicular Cancer  

Roughly 6 men in the UK are diagnosed with testicular cancer each day, that’s around 2,400 men a year, not to mention the number of guys who haven’t been checked. Similarly to prostate cancer, men often struggle to confront issues that are related to the body parts that are sexual. The testicles, or balls for short, are one of the most sacred parts of the body for most guys, and even the thought of them showing lumps or bumps scares people to the point of inaction.

This is an area of health that men can fully take hold of, as they can self-assess without needing their GP to find out. Men can carry out their own check when in the shower, the bath or before getting into bed, which means there really should be no excuses to check your balls regularly. I mean most guys touch them often enough, so you might as well learn how to check for lumps while you’re there, right?   


Men's Health Month


Mental Health  

Society has changed massively over the past 10 or 20 years, and our attitudes and understanding of what mental health is, and its connection to our physical health. People are now informed and far more willing to openly communicate about their struggles, but men are less likely to talk about these topics compared to women. Men frequently bottle up their emotions and act as if they are not worthy of validation.

Doing this can cause mental health conditions to develop, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and much more. The more mental health is spoken about the more likely men are to speak to a loved one or a medical professional about how they’re truly feeling. Luckily, there are lots of resources to help people who need help in supporting their mental health.    


Suicide Prevention 

Lastly, the main cause that Men’s health month is trying to raise awareness of is male suicide. 74% of all suicides in the UK are men, showing there is a clear epidemic within this country that needs to be addressed. Taking your own life is never the answer. Suicide is usually the result of mental health or circumstantial issues, such as financial issues, trauma or feelings of a lack of purpose. Organisations such as Men’s Minds Matters and The Calm Zone are set up to offer support to those who may be struggling and need a helping hand. As well as this, the Samaritans offer support online or by calling 116 123 any time of day.    


Men's Mental Health Month

Issues e-Surgery can help support  During Men’s Health Month 

e-Surgery started as we believed everyone should have access to the medication that they need. We know that for men, going to your GP or pharmacist in person can be daunting and speaking about their personal health issues with someone can feel embarrassing. Our service is designed to make accessing healthcare simple and as straight forward as possible. Men now have the ability to order the medication and treatments for their minor health issues that they usually ignore or refuse to address.

We’re going to discuss all of the main conditions that e-Surgery can help men overcome, learning about each condition and what treatments we offer to help take control of their health. Many of our minor health issues can be linked to other more serious illnesses or can contribute to poor mental wellbeing, so we believe by overcoming these common health conditions, we are supporting the cause of what Men’s health month and organisations like Movember are fighting for.  


Erectile dysfunction  

Most men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life, and it can be something they struggle to speak about with their partner. Not getting it up in the bedroom can be linked to many issues ranging from undiagnosed conditions like high blood pressure, the foods you’re eating, your mental health, alcohol use and much more. During men’s health month, it’s important we discuss sexual issues like ED as there is medication available that can help increase the chances of maintaining a strong erection when it’s time to get under the sheets.

Not being able to perform in the bedroom can negatively impact men’s psychological wellbeing and if not overcome can lead to feelings of anxiety or depressive thoughts. Men often need to feel capable and empowered, so not performing in bed can make them feel inadequate and can increase issues around self-esteem.  


Premature Ejaculation  

Men’s health month is aiming to raise awareness for men’s struggles that they are usually afraid to confront. This condition is similar to ED, but on the other end of the bedroom issues spectrum. Some men can struggle to withhold themselves during sex and can ejaculate very early into the experience. This is known medically as premature ejaculation. The causes are also similar to those of erectile dysfunction with the main causes being linked to feelings of stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and an overwhelmed feeling due to the excitement of sexual intimacy.

Medication is available to order through e-Surgery, which can help maintain control and last longer in bed, which is beneficial for both you and your partner! You can also practice mindfulness exercises or do things that help relieve the anxiety and build up your confidence in your own ability. People often say that it’s all in the mind, but sometimes some of us might just need that extra helping hand (from the medication, not your partner).  


Men's Health Month


Hair Loss  

One of, if not the most worrying thing for most men is the possibility of going bald or balding. Some men can feel confident with no hair and don’t mind when it happens, but for others it can badly destroy their self-esteem. Modern advancements in science means that hair transplants have become a great option for retaining their hair in as natural way as possible. But they can be costly and involve surgical procedures that come with risks of infection and complications if not carried out correctly. Hair loss is often forgotten about during Men’s health month, but it can be very damaging to peoples mental wellbeing!

Luckily there are treatment options that don’t involve surgery and are far more affordable for most men. There are also things you can try at home to help stop hair loss but are not always effective. Hair loss can also be referred to as ‘male pattern baldness.’  


Fat Loss  

Men’s health month aims to put men’s health at the forefront, with men’s weight being something that is neglected in todays world.  Being overweight or obese can be directly linked to the development of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and nearly all other notable illnesses. In the western world today, being overweight is common and can lead towards negative mental health factors such as depressive or suicidal thoughts. The perception we have of ourselves is crucial to whether we live a happy and fulfilled life or not.

Losing weight can have a huge impact on our wellbeing both physically and mentally, but it can be challenging for those of us who struggle to exercise, have eating disorders or have other health conditions that may hinder our ability to shed the pounds. e-Surgery offer our patients alternative solutions to forced diets or surgical procedures like gastric bands. The treatment known as ‘Orlistat’ helps the body stop one third of the fat that you consume through food being digested by the body, which can encourage and support weight loss for those that may not otherwise be able to achieve substantial fat reduction.   



For most of us, the teenage and young adult years can be a period of extreme anxiety due to the spots that keep breaking out on our faces. For some, it’s just a few spots that go away on their own after a few days and some light popping! But for others, this can develop into acne. The condition can be damaging to people’s mental health and can cause psychological disorders to formulate.

Men who experience acne can be subject to judgement and ridicule from others for something that they might not be able to control. There are some things you can do at home to help avoid acne breakouts, but they don’t always work as some types of acne can be persistent and require a lot of medical intervention. Medication such as Tetralysal  can help clear bacteria and reduce inflammation in the skin.  Men’s health month aims to  


Men's Mental Health Month


Feelings of anxiety can play a huge part in the contribution to poor mental health and suicidal thoughts. Struggling with anxiety can make normal day to day social situations and interactions feel very overwhelming. For men, admitting to feeling anxious is not something that they can find easy to do, so getting help can be challenging. There are methods for minimising anxious feelings at home, such as meditation, relaxation and exercise, but these don’t always work for everyone.

E-Surgery offers medication that can help reduce situational anxiety in those that need it most, allowing them to participate in daily interactions that can increase a sense of normality in their lives. If left untreated, anxiety can harm the body physically but encouraging illness and disease to develop due to the negative emotions and stress the body is in when feeling anxious.  


Ask a Pharmacist  

e-Surgery offers a free to use ‘Ask a Pharmacist’ service which allows you to speak directly with one of our pharmacists to help you with any smaller medical needs that you don’t feel is worth the hassle of getting a GP appointment for. Our friendly team are here to give you piece of mind by identifying what your symptoms could be and offering the best prescription medication to help you resolve the condition if needed. All you have to do is complete a short consultation online then you’ll be put through to one of our medical professionals in a matter of minutes. It’s really that easy!    

We hope you enjoyed our article all about Men’s health month! make sure to keep raising awareness of these issues with your loved ones. Make sure to check out more of our blogs in the ‘Health Hub’ section on