Ginger tea for acid reflux

Find out how to cure your acid reflux symptoms and does ginger tea for heartburn work to relief symptoms?

Does ginger tea for heartburn and acid reflux work? For centuries, ginger has been used for its medicinal properties; it is well-known for its digestive aid. Scientists throughout the globe have carried out numerous studies mainly to conclude whether drinking ginger tea for heartburn can help with acid reflux and heartburn symptoms.

In a 2011 study, participants who took ginger pills saw a decrease in inflammation after one month. This could be because ginger contains phenolic chemicals that can help with gastrointestinal inflammation. Phenols have also been shown to inhibit gastric contractions, allowing stomach acid to flow into the esophagus. This article aims to educate readers on, is ginger good for heartburn? And is ginger tea for heartburn myth or fact?  And how ginger can help cure it. [1].

What is heartburn?

Every so often, do you feel a burning feeling in your chest? If yes, then it is very likely that you might have acid reflux. Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid runs back into the tube that connects your throat to your esophagus.  However, if this happens frequently and doesn’t improve– you might have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GEORD). Chest pain, a cough, and difficulty swallowing are common symptoms, especially while lying down. Acid reflux can be treated with a combination of lifestyle changes and medication [2]

If medication fails to provide relief, surgery may be a possibility. For individuals with GORD, doctors usually conduct one or two operations. A LINX device is used to tighten the esophageal sphincter. Another strengthens the sphincter by wrapping the lower esophagus with the top of the stomach.

ginger tea for heartburn

What causes acid reflux?

You could be suffering from acid reflux for a variety of reasons. It is sometimes triggered or aggravated by:

• Some medications such as anti-inflammatory painkillers

• Pregnancy (excessive abdominal pressure)

• Anxiety or stress

• A hiatal hernia — The upper section of the stomach bulges into the diaphragm, obstructing normal food intake

• Obesity

• Smoking or alcohol consumption

• Food or drink preferences (coffee, fizzy drinks, dairy, spicy, or fried dishes, for example) and eating habits

Thus, simple lifestyle modifications, such as losing weight and eating smaller, more frequent meals, can aid in the prevention or reduction of acid reflux. [3]

Is ginger good for heartburn?

Most studies on ginger are focused on its nausea-relieving properties; thus, more research on ginger’s usefulness against acid reflux and heartburn is required. However, there is no doubt that ginger has been used to treat digestive issues for centuries in civilizations all over the world.

Many individuals drink ginger ale when nauseous since ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a natural remedy for gastrointestinal disorders. To relieve acid reflux symptoms, you can add ginger to most food items and drinks. Below are some of the advantages of consuming:

• Accelerate the digestive process

• Eliminate excess stomach acid

• Boost food absorption by regulating the flow of juices in the GI tract

• Tighten the lower esophageal sphincter, which connects the stomach with the esophagus ([4]

The antioxidants present in ginger help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and promote healthy aging.

Ginger has a calming effect on the abdomen and can assist in reducing stomach acid production. The ideal method to consume ginger tea for reflux is caffeine-free ginger tea with some lemon juice and honey added as a sweetener.

To treat heartburn, drink a cup of ginger root tea up to two times each day. Remember that ginger should only be used as a temporary cure for heartburn relief and should not be taken regularly. Chronic heartburn may be an indication of something more serious, so pay attention to your symptoms and contact your doctor if they persist for more than two weeks or worsen. ( [4]

ginger tea for heartburn

Is Ginger Tea Good For Acid Reflux?

Yes, ginger does have anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing the symptoms of acid reflux, and studies have proven that ginger supplements have resulted in reduced inflammation within a month. However, ginger should not be used to treat acid reflux in isolation; it’s important to consider other treatment, such as medication or lifestyle changes. 

Is there any medication that will help reduce my acid reflux?

Prescription medicine can be used effectively treat persistent acid reflux if it doesn’t go away on its own. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), such as Omeprazole Capsules and Lansoprazole Capsules, are two of the most popular drugs used to relieve symptoms.

It’s all about identifying your triggers when it comes to managing acid reflux symptoms. Keep an eye on what you’re consuming, how it’s prepared, and how it’s packaged. Consult your doctor if you’re having trouble deciding what to eat or if you want to make a dietary change.

Overall, does eating ginger or drinking ginger tea for heartburn work? In small quantities could be a safe and efficient acid reflux remedy. The evidence is lacking, as it is with many alternative treatments.

If you decide to try ginger, talk to your doctor. They can provide you further information and make sure it won’t interfere with any medications you’re taking. If your reflux has become unbearable, your doctor can help.


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