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Join The e-Surgery Team

Join The e-Surgery Team

Our Company Culture

Our team at e-Surgery has definitely grown since its conception in 2018! From a team of just 2 to almost 40 employees we have expanded exponentially over the past 3 years with development teams from around the world.

Our open company culture encourages friendships, unity, and flexibility. We value the community we have built, both in the office and internationally! Regular social events are always part of our work calendar and a great way for us to unwind after a long day of work.

As a start-up company, we have had the pleasure of working alongside many fantastic full-time, freelance and exciting individuals. Our team as a whole is dynamic, passionate and an embodiment of our company values, always aspiring to empower change.

Our Experts

We are proud to work with experts in our field with healthcare and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

join our team e-surgery CEO Dr Thuria Wenbar join our team e-surgery COO Dr Oskar Wendowski join our team e-surgery Automation Lead Istvan join our team e-surgery Independent Prescriber Aisana
join our team e-surgery Pharmacy Manager Rob Moulton join our team e-surgery Customer Service Lead Cameron Saunders join our team e-surgery Superintendent Pharmacist Justin Dicks join our team e-surgery Box Inspector Onyx Wenbar

Our Internal Values

We have fundamental internal values to support our office wellbeing and growth.

Equal opportunities
Equal Opportunities

At e-Surgery we encourage personal development by offering all job vacancies internally, alongside external applications, giving our team the chance to grow and continue to learn new skills. Everyone is treated with equal respect, dignity, and free from prejudice.

Embracing differences
Embracing Differences

Our team is a little bit quirky and a lot of fun, we embrace differences at e-Surgery allowing everyone to live life as their true authentic selves! Every member of our team is essential, and it is our creativity, resilience, and unique differences that make us a great company to be part of!

Enjoying challenges
Enjoying Challenges

Understanding there is victory in the small wins and positively working through challenges as a team to ensure everyone is getting the support they need. There is no challenge too great that we can’t tackle together, and learning from our mistakes keeps us moving forward.

Job Opportunities

We are hiring, take a look! If we don’t have any current job listings below, feel free to send across a CV and cover letter to hello@e-surgery.com and we will get back to you if an opportunity comes up.

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