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The Orlistat Diet: Avoid These Foods!

The Weight Loss Pill That Works Orlistat, the medication that can really make a difference during your weight loss journey. If you’ve never heard of Orlistat, or you’ve just been prescribed it, you might be wondering: Do Weight Loss Pills Work?  Frequently prescribed by doctors and pharmacists as part of an effective treatment plan for […]

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General Health, Well-Being, Vitamins and Supplements, Weight Management

Orlistat & Xenical: Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

Can Pills Really Reduce Your Weight? Weight loss pills can sound like a fantasy. After all, there are plenty of diet pills and supplements marketed with ‘natural’ ingredients which simply don’t work, including some that can be actively dangerous [1].  Plenty of people are now turning to Fat Burners to aid their weight loss, with […]

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5 Home Remedies To Reduce Blood Pressure

These Simple Lifestyle Changes Really Make A Difference High blood pressure, or hypertension, is affected by our lifestyle choices. Our diet, weight and habits can either contribute to a healthy blood pressure or a dangerously high blood pressure. The longer high blood pressure is left untreated, the more it increases the risk of serious health […]

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