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From UTI’s to Thrush to Herpes, find advice on staying healthy both in and out of the bedroom!

Lady unwell with thrush or UTI

Women's Health, Intimate Health

Do I have Thrush or UTI? How to Tell the Difference

How to tell the difference between thrush or UTI, and the different modes of treatment they require. If you have vaginal pain accompanied by itching and swelling, you could have a yeast infection known as thrush. However, bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections can cause similar symptoms. So, how to tell the difference between […]

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Woman unwell in bed with UTI pain at night

Women's Health, Intimate Health

How to Relieve UTI Pain at Night?

Discussing Common Symptoms of a UTI and How to Avoid Pain at Night So what you had dismissed as a passing and mild discomfort down there, has now branched into several conditions like constant stinging pain, discoloured urine, and an urge to run to the bathroom every few minutes – and all these symptoms seem […]

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Woman holding hands behind head looking happy, common symptoms of thrush, e-Surgery

Women's Health, Intimate Health, Bedroom Health

Do You Have Thrush? Check For These Common Symptoms

Do You Have These Symptoms? Genital thrush is not an appealing condition. It’s uncomfortable, potentially recurring and often embarrassing. That being said, it’s also quite common in both men and women, and the symptoms aren’t always as clear as you’d think. Though thrush is usually harmless, it’s not something you want hanging around, so quickly […]

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