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Period-tech, series of diagonally placed tampons on a yellow background | e-Surgery

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Period-tech: 5 Ways Technology is Changing Women’s Health

Here’s a fun fact, the ancient Egyptians used wood from the papyrus plant as an early type of tampon, but does this count as period-tech? Even Cleopatra had a period! In a lot of ways the ancient Egyptians were ahead of their time in the understanding of women’s health, they even thought menstrual blood had […]

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Buying Lovegra Online? Read This First!

What Is Lovegra? Lovegra is an unlicensed medication in the UK and contains the active ingredient, Sildenafil. Lovegra is marketed as a treatment for FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction), and is sold in tablet form online.  Lovegra is illegal to sell in the UK, as it hasn’t passed any of the necessary safety standards required for […]

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The pill and depression, Sad face made out of pills | e-Surgery

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The Pill and Depression: The Scientific Facts and What Real Women Have to Say

What is the Pill? The pill (also known as the combined pill, the mini-pill or progesterone pill) helps women manage their periods as well as preventing pregnancy. When used correctly, there is less than a 1% chance you will fall pregnant when on the pill. From the pills discovery in the 1960s, it has revolutionised […]

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