Safe Halloween


The Halloween season is upon us, the evenings are quickly turning dark, and the air is filled with an eerie sense of anticipation as we prepare for a night of horrors. Although its roots are in the US, Halloween has been embraced by those all over Europe, with pumpkins filling the supermarket entrances, horror movies dominating the cinema screens and children dressing up as their favourite scary monster.

Having fun and embracing all things dark is the goal, but with all holiday seasons there’s plenty of things you can do to stay healthy and keep safe during October. We’re going to delve into 13 tips for a safe Halloween. And yes, we chose 13 on purpose! At e-Scaregery, we decided to put the list into 4 sections, the first of which being all about food during Halloween and how to keep healthy and look out for the people around you. We don’t want fresh tombstones anytime soon.  


Now put down your toffee apple and grab your broomstick, it’s time to begin!   


Food Tips for a Safe Halloween  

1. Allergies  

It might be Halloween, but that doesn’t mean food allergies just disappear, right? Yes! Whether it’s your own allergies or being mindful of those of others around you, staying vigilant of the foods you’re consuming must remain a top priority for those who are allergic or have intolerances to certain food types. We know that during the celebrations there can be a lot going on, with people and food being offered left right and centre.  

But make sure you’re vigilant by looking at the ingredients, or asking someone if they don’t have them listed or it’s homemade! This is the same for people giving out treats to kids as they will be far too excited to check, so if you’re concerned about a certain ingredient like nuts, then inform the kids, or even better the parents if they’re there.    


2. Unhealthy Snacks  

 We know, Halloween is ALL about sweets, but it’s important we stay aware of the foods we’re eating, the amount of them we’re eating and what effects they can have on our bodies. An overload of sugar and additives found in most sweets can have adverse effects on our health. Sugar crashes, mood swings and weight gain are only a few of the ways in which eating too many sweets can impact us. You could try eating healthier alternatives like dark chocolate or handing it out to trick or treaters, they might not be as thrilled, but their parents could be!   


3. Being Mindful if  You’re Diabetic  

If you are diabetic, being aware of your condition during Halloween is crucial for your health and wellbeing.  This holiday is synonymous with sugary treats, which can lead to dangerous blood sugar spikes for diabetics. Eating one too many lollipops can result in risky blood sugar drops, which is less than ideal. Being mindful of our food choices, portion control, and opting for sugar-free options is essential.  

Some may need medication adjustments, requiring them to plan to ensure they’re safe at all times of the night (even during witching hour). Whether you are a diabetic or one of your friends is, having diabetic awareness during Halloween helps everyone enjoy the festivities while safeguarding health and preventing outcomes that nobody wants!   

Safe Halloween


Trick or Treating: 

 4. Stranger Danger 

This one is more aimed for the parents reading this, and we feel you do not need to be told this, but it cannot hurt hearing it again! If your child is going out trick or treating with their friends for the first time and without you, you should remind them of the importance of being wary of people who you knock on the door of and tell them to never step foot inside the home of anyone, even if they seem kind. They might not understand the potential dangers of it, but if they know, you will have more peace of mind!  


5. Be Aware of You Surroundings 

You might be venturing into new locations or different neighbourhoods so remember to be aware of your surroundings and do not get lost, although that’s hard to do when everyone has a smartphone! If you are venturing into different neighbourhoods, you might be unaware of turnings and oncoming traffic, so stay alert to any dangers and keep your eyes peeled.   


6. Wear Florescent Clothes or a Torch 

When you are walking the streets at night looking for the next house with sweets, it can be easy to get sidetracked in all the excitement. But with it getting dark early in October, cars will have their lights on, but it does not always mean they will see you or your children, especially if they are dressed up in dark clothing like the grim reaper! Make sure to take a torch with you to see where you are going and let oncoming drivers know there’s people to watch out for.   


7. Only Approach Houses with a Light On or Halloween Decorations 

To enhance your security, make sure to only approach houses adorned with lit porch lights or Halloween decorations. This visual cue typically indicates that the residents are welcoming trick-or-treaters. It helps avoid unwarranted visits to unprepared homes, reducing potential misunderstandings and ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable experience for all.

Sticking to well-lit and festive houses enhances visibility and reduces the risk of accidents in the dark. Always exercise caution, stay with a group, and follow this simple guideline to have a spook-tacular and safe Halloween night. 


8. Travel in Groups  

As the old saying goes, there’s safety in numbers, and there really is. Walking into different neighbourhoods in the dark during a time where lots of people are dressed up and behind masks, safety is the main concern. Keeping you and your kids safe is far easier with other parents, especially if the kids are at an age where they can easily run off to entertain themselves.  

Sadly, there can be untrustworthy people out at night during days like this, so we recommend going trick or treating with other parents and their kids, that way the kids also have others to keep them company.  


Halloween Safety



9. Avoid Toxic Face Paint 

Using face paints that have toxic chemicals in can have a detrimental effect on our health. Common face paints can contain harmful ingredients such as lead, parabens, and phthalates, which can be absorbed through the skin very easily. Lead exposure, even in tiny amounts, is linked to developmental issues and can be especially harmful to children, so avoiding them at all costs is the best thing you can do for you and your child’s health.  

Parabens and phthalates are known endocrine disruptors that can disrupt hormone function. Having certain face paints on our skin can trigger reactions, causing conditions like acne and dermatitis. Long-term exposure to such chemicals has also been associated with an increased risk of cancer. There are Halloween face paint and make up that contains natural ingredients, but you must make sure you check on the side of the packaging first.   


10. Wear Shoes that Give Support

Selecting the right footwear for trick-or-treating is crucial to avoid discomfort and damaging your feet in the long run, no pun intended. Inadequate shoes can lead to problems like blisters and foot fatigue, making the Halloween experience ghoulish. Poor footwear can also increase the risk of you falling or tripping, especially when you might be walking long distances as your children on the hunt for more houses to get sweets from.  

Uncomfortable shoes can also create a moist environment, which could lead to conditions like athlete’s foot. Try choosing supportive shoes that are comfortable and are suitable for walking long distances. This way, you can fully enjoy the occasion without worrying about your feet!  


11. Wear Costumes That are Safe 

When selecting and wearing Halloween costumes, you should prioritise safety more than the quality, we know it is not what you want to hear! Opt for costumes made from breathable materials as it will help you avoid getting hot and developing heat exhaustion. Look for costumes that are not too tight or restrictive, and that allow for comfortable movement and circulation.  

We know it is October, but too many layers can stop you from regulating your body temperature, which could have profound consequences. The same can be said for masks, you should look for ones that have good breathing vents in as obviously nobody wants to see any corpses that are not props! 


Safe Halloween Halloween Safety


Mental Wellbeing: 


12. If You Don’t Want Them Knocking, Leave a Note! 

One of the biggest causes of anxiety during Halloween is the fear of children knocking on your door expecting sweets from you. For some, this can bring on immense feelings of dread, others may not celebrate Halloween and not want to be bothered! If you are feeling anxious just thinking about it, you can always leave a note on your door to let people know you are out of sweets or something like to deter people from knocking, in a respectful way. This way you could wish the children a fun and eventful evening, without having to participate. Doing this can help reduce symptoms of anxiety greatly 


13. Avoid Going Outside During the Evening 

If you are scared of the constant dark and creepy themes that are expected around Halloween, it is important not to threat! It is a scary time. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s important you acknowledge your fears and take the right precautions in managing them in the best way. When it gets dark on Halloween night it is best to not venture back out.  

Instead, shut the curtains and do the things that make you most relaxed, creating a peaceful environment in your home. You can do things like meditate, running a hot bubble bath or getting on the sofa and watching on of your favourite films. Before you know it, the night will be over, and you will have bonfire night to worry about next!  


Ask a Pharmacist  

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