Chlamydia and Herpes


Chlamydia and Herpes are sexually transmitted infections/diseases, learn more about STI’s from our UK based healthcare professionals

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Why Do Young People Keep Their STIs a Secret?

STIs are on a sharp rise in the UK. 2018 saw a 5% increase in the diagnosis of STIs in the UK compared to the previous year [1]. If this trend is to continue as some health experts believe it will we can only expect this number to rise in 2019/2020 [2]. One of the […]

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Sexual Health, Chlamydia and Herpes, Sexual Health Resources

A Beginners Guide To Getting An STI Test

The One Test You Don’t Want To Pass! Getting tested for STIs can seem like an embarrassing or anxiety-inducing procedure. Our sexual history is not something we often talk about to strangers, and the image of sitting in a sexual health clinic waiting room can still be stigmatised. Then there’s the actual test, getting swabbed […]

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Can You Treat Herpes At Home?

‘Natural’ Treatment Verses Medicine When it comes to home remedies and ‘natural’ treatments there is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet. Herpes is no different and has its fair share of home remedies, which often have no scientific basis. We look at some of the most common home treatments for Herpes and […]

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