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When it comes to your wellness keeping you’re heart and lungs healthy is a key factor! Find advice on asthma, COPD, high cholesterol and high blood pressure

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How To Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol: Avoid These Foods!

Just How Dangerous Is High Cholesterol? We have quite a simplistic view of cholesterol when it comes to our health. More cholesterol equals bad, right? Well, some kinds of cholesterol are actually good for us. For example, HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol helps transport fats through the blood and combats the effects of bad cholesterol, […]

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Asthma Review: Is It Really That Important?

I’m busy. Do I Really Need to Have an Asthma Review? An asthma review is an essential part of good lung health and a great way to monitor your asthma. Just like a car getting its MOT it’s important to get your asthma checked by a professional to make sure nothing has changed or worsened. […]

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Statin Side Effects: Should You Be Scared?

Are These Cholesterol Meds Dangerous? If you or someone you know has high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease, you may have heard the name ‘statins’. It’s a name that crops up in health articles, usually with scare stories about dangerous side effects. Some readers may even have been prescribed a statin medication and are concerned about […]

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