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From hay fever to allergies to cold and flu, seasonal healthcare advice from UK pharmacy professionals

Woman making cup of tea to fight winter illness

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How to Stay Ahead of The Winter Illness and Flu 2021

Follow Our E-Surgery Health Survival Guide for All Our Winter Illness Top Tips   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really important during the winter months to help keep your immune system in balance and avoid all the colds and flu’s flying around at the moment.  See below our guide for navigating the cold seasons and avoiding the much-hated winter flu.  Look after yourselves this winter against […]

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Finding the best nasal spray for hay fever, woman in yellow jumper sneezing into a tissue | e-Surgery

General Health, Seasonal Health

Finding The Best Nasal Spray For Hay Fever Relief

How To Spray Away Those Summer Sneezes The spring and summer seasons should be a time to enjoy the great outdoors – but if you suffer from hay fever, these coming months can be tinged with trepidation. In UK pollen guides, the pollen peak for many plants can range from March through September, with summer […]

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Mild hay Fever: Symptoms & Treatments, young woman sat on a sofa sneezing with a tissue covering her face | e-Surgery

General Health, Seasonal Health

Mild Hay Fever Symptoms & Treatments

Table of Contents What is hay fever? What is mild hay fever? What are mild hay fever symptoms? What time of year is the worst for mild hay fever symptoms? Which plant is worst for mild hay fever symptoms? Do home remedies work for mild hay fever symptoms? What treatments are available for mild hay […]

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