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What is normal cholesterol level in the UK?

General Health, Heart and Lung Health

What is a normal cholesterol level in the UK?

While it may feel overwhelming, checking your blood cholesterol is an important first step toward a healthy lifestyle. This quick test, performed by your health professional will determine your cholesterol level and give you a chance at improving it before it turns into a major health risk. But what is a normal cholesterol level in […]

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Man sleeping on a desk with a glass of water by his side | Does high blood pressure make you tired? | e-Surgery

General Health, Heart and Lung Health

Does high blood pressure make you tired?

Have you been feeling extra drained lately? If yes, it may be time to have your blood pressure checked, as fatigue can signal kidney or heart problems caused due to hypertension. Our lifestyle choices impact our health, and having a stressful lifestyle could be the reason behind high blood pressure or hypertension. Our diet, weight, […]

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Woman making cup of tea to fight winter illness

Heart and Lung Health, Seasonal Health

How to Stay Ahead of The Winter Illness and Flu 2021

Follow Our E-Surgery Health Survival Guide for All Our Winter Illness Top Tips   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really important during the winter months to help keep your immune system in balance and avoid all the colds and flu’s flying around at the moment.  See below our guide for navigating the cold seasons and avoiding the much-hated winter flu.  Look after yourselves this winter against […]

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