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Frequently Asked Questions

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition in men which affects the ability to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual activity. It most commonly effects men over the age of 45 but can happen to men of all ages.

There can be various causes of erectile dysfunction. The most common is psychological and is often due to excess stress.

It’s perfectly normal to have occasional problems with getting or maintaining an erection. It is usually caused by things such as stress or alcohol.

However, if you find that you have a persistent problem in getting and maintaining an erection during sex you should speak to your doctor. There are a number of erectile dysfunction tablets available that can help. You can buy erection tablets online from reputable places like e-Surgery.

All erection tablets licensed in the UK work in a similar way. They widen the blood vessels in the penis and increased blood flow when you are sexually excited. This increased blood flow makes it much easier to get and keep and erection.

The erection medication is available as a tablet and is taken 15-60 minutes before sexual intercourse, depending on the specific drug. You can buy erection tablets from e-Surgery from only £7.50.

Lifestyle measures such as losing weight, reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking will help erectile dysfunction. If the cause is due to excess stress, there are many measures you can try to reduce.

If these do not help there are many different erection treatment options available.

We offer a wide range of different tablets in tablet form ranging from the new over-the-counter ED treatment to prescription strength tablets.

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Erection tablets are usually quite well tolerated. Side effects commonly include: red eyes, headaches and facial flushing. You should not take erectile dysfunction tablets or pills if you have any heart problems as they can cause a sudden fall in blood pressure.

Yes you can buy erection tablets online from registered online prescribers like e-Surgery. 

When purchasing erection tablets or any other medication online, always make sure the site you use displays the green GPhC and MHRA logos. This means this is a registered pharmacy and regulated seller of medication.

Please check out the NHS: Erectile Dysfunction page for more useful information.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to use our free Ask-a-Pharmacist service. We’re here to help!

e-Surgery is the UK’s leading online Prescriber & Pharmacy focused on sustainability. We are regulated by the GPhC and MHRA to provide you with a safe, simple and legal way to order your medication online.

We only ever sell genuine UK medication for your safety.


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The Facts

What Causes ED?
Alcoholism, drug use, being overweight, smoking, certain medications, and even “prolonged bicycling” can lead to ED
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Who Gets ED?
Although ED is more common among older men, that doesn't mean it's something you have to live with.


e-Surgery is UK’s leading online Prescriber & Pharmacy focused on sustainability. We are regulated by the GPhC and MHRA to provide you with a safe and simple way to order your medication online.

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