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Have you been diagnosed with asthma by a GP, nurse practioner, or hospital doctor?

Has your doctor prescribed you a Clenil (Beclometasone) inhaler as a preventer for your asthma in the last year?

How often has your doctor told you use your Clenil (Beclometasone) Inhaler?

For example

  1. ONE puff ONCE a day
  2. ONE puff TWICE a day
  3. TWO puffs ONCE a day
  4. TWO puffs TWICE a day
  5. Other

Have you had an asthma review in the last 12 months?

A nurse or doctor usually asks you about your symptom control, measures your peak flow, and checks you are using your inhaler correctly

Do you feel that your asthma is well controlled?

If you are unsure, please click here and check your risk of having a serious asthma attack over the next 12 months.

In the last year have you ever been hospitalised or had to visit A+E due to your asthma?

Please give us more details about when, what happened, any changes to your asthma medication, and how your asthma control has changed since then.

Answer ‘no’ if this does not apply to you


Do you have any allergies to medication or other substances?

Such as to steroid medication (Clenil, Beclometasone, prednisolone or hydrocortisone)

Answer ‘no’ if this does not apply to you

Are you taking any other medication, including other inhalers and tablets for asthma, or have you recently finished a course of medication?

This includes medication prescribed by your doctor, bought in the pharmacy or online, herbal supplements, or recreations drugs.

This includes tablets, patches, inhalers, injections, contraception and all other forms of medication

Answer ‘no’ if this does not apply to you

Do you suffer from any other medical problems?

For example, diabetes, heart problems, angina, irregular heart rhythm, overactive thyroid, kidney disease, liver disease, stroke etc.

This also includes previous admissions to the hospital or any surgeries

Answer ‘no’ if this does not apply to you

Are you pregnant or breast feeding, think you may be pregnant or planning to have a baby?


I understand that the following symptoms require urgent medical treatment

  • A wheeze, cough, or chest tightness that is becoming severe and constant
  • Breathing faster
  • Unable to eat, speak or sleep because of breathlessness
  • Feeling drowsy, exhausted or dizzy
  • Lips or fingers turning blue
  • My asthma symptoms not being controlled by my reliever as much as usual
  • Needing to use my asthma reliver inhaler more than every four hours

I understand the following about using my Clenil (Beclometasone) inhaler

  • Clenil (Beclometasone) must be used regularly to reduce the frequency of asthma symptoms
  • I understand that Clenil (Beclometasone) inhaler should not be used to treat breathlessness. I need to use my reliever (usually blue) inhaler to treat asthma symptoms when the occur
  • I need to rinse my mouth our or brush my teeth after using a Clenil (Beclometasone) inhaler

I understand the following about my future asthma treatment:

  • I should not stop using my Clenil inhaler unless advised by my doctor
  • I must see my own GP if my asthma control changes
  • I understand I need to continue using my inhalers as prescribed by my doctor.
  • I understand I must continue with my annual asthma reviews
  • I understand and am happy with how I use my inhaler. Click here to watch a video if you would like a quick a reminder.


We strongly recommend that you inform your GP of any treatment you receive. Would you like e-Surgery to do this in your behalf?

Please write the name of your GP surgery below if you want us to let them know.

This will ensure that any new medication started by your GP will not interact with this treatment.

Answer ‘no’ if you do not want us to inform your GP

I agree to the following

  • I am 18 years of age or older
  • This treatment is for my use only
  • I confirm that I have understood all the questions asked and have answered all questions to the best of my knowledge.
  • I have read the patient information leaflet supplied with this medication
  • I will contact e-Surgery and inform my GP if I experience any side effects from this treatment or if there are any changes to my health
  • I have answered all questions truthfully and accurately.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by terms and conditions and privacy policy and cookie policy of e-Surgery

What is this?

Your answers form the basis of your medical consultation. It is important you are open and honest, so our doctors can ensure this medication safe and effective for you

Clenil Asthma Preventer Inhaler


Clenil modulite is a preventer inhaler used to treat asthma. The active ingredient in Clenil modulite is beclomethasone dipropionate, which is a corticosteroid (also known as steroid). It works by reducing inflammation and irritation in the lungs, improving asthma control and reducing asthma symptoms. Clenil should usually be taken regularly to get the most benefit from this medication.

For the blue asthma Ventolin inhaler see here.

Please choose the desired strength and quantity below. All prices include the cost of a private prescription from one of our GPs. 


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