Migraine Relief

Recurring migraines can be a seizure problem for many patients. There are numerous predisposing factors involved in triggering a migraine, such as stress and caffeine intake. It is important to identify and avoid your personal triggers, in conjunction with effective over the counter and prescription medications available to help you.

Read more at: NHS Choices: Migraines

Speak to one of our resident Pharmacists to help choose the right treatment for you if you are unsure. Choose the desired treatment below, fill out a short questionnaire and one of our expert GPs will then make sure the treatment is safe for you. 

migraine treatment, sumatriptan, rizatriptan


Sumatriptan is a fast acting and effective treatment for migraines.

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Rizatriptan provides fast and effective relief from migraines. It is available in standard or orodispersible (quicker acting) formulation.

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  Zolmitriptan is a medication used to relieve migraines quickly and effectively. It is available in standard and orodispersible forms.

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